About Me

headshot-bubbleHi, I’m Maddie and I like to bake.

What began as an impulsive (and maybe a little competitive) “I can do that!” following a bite of a popular dessert chain’s specialty has become a passion for baking that keeps growing as I learn new techniques and try new flavors. I’ve made truffles, cake, cheesecakes, ice creams, cookies, donuts, pies, tarts, meringues, macaroon, and countless other sweet treats. I’m always willing to try something new and I‘ll bake just about anything you can dream up. I ship cookies across the country year-round and, depending on your location, I’ll create cakes, cupcakes, and any other treat for your special occasion. Contact me with any special requests, orders, or comments. I can assure you that anything you ask me to make will receive my full dedication, efforts, and love.

Currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area.