Flourless Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

So, as is not uncommon, this year my birthday fell on Passover. The first night, to be exact. So, of course, I made cake. Flourless chocolate cake “crust,” raspberry cheesecake layer, and classic vanilla bean cheesecake layer. I made this cake the last time my birthday fell on Passover, too, decorating with chocolate curls. This year, I went all-out with chocolate ganache and shiny glazed raspberries.

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Great cupcake bar project for a party or special event. Fun for kids!

DIY Cupcake Bar

As part of my sister’s party, which you saw last week, I also made a DIY cupcake bar. Take a look!

We had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Lemon curd and chocolate ganache glazes.

Tons of frosting!

And, of course, toppings

It was a big hit with the adults and the kids – everyone made a cupcake and ended the night hyped up on sugar. I think it made a special party even more memorable!

Baby Cake

This was a 4 layer chocolate cake with pink frosting between each layer.

 The roses on the sides are made of chocolate and covered in luster dust to give them a bit of shine.

 I was excited by the filigree piping I did on the rainbow cake and wanted to include it on this cake as well.

Happy Birthday!