DIY cupcake baked alaska tutorial with chocolate, ice cream, and meringue

Baked Alaska Cupcakes

When tasked with coming up with something delicious for a dinner party, I decided to make baked Alaska. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but I was pretty sure it had something to do with meringue and ice cream, so that sounded good enough for me. I did some homework and decided to make the tasty treat in miniature.
Pretty little chocolate cupcakes hollowed out
Add in a scoop of strawberry ice cream (homemade, of course)

Pipe on the meringue and go crazy with the blowtorch.

They were absolutely delicious and everyone loved them.
Although, in retrospect, serving them frozen solid right out of the freezer probably wasn’t the best idea.

I suppose I’ll just have to make them again.

Mini cupcakes, truffles, wedding cake, lemon meringue pies, peach tarts, cake pops, cookies, and more!

The wedding! 450 mini desserts and a cake, but I survived to tell you about it.

And now for the one post everyone keeps asking me about! Finally time for the wedding dessert table pictures. These lovely photos were taken by the lovely Stephanie Fishbein. She came over right before I packed everything up and took these shots as I was rushing to get everything into the car.
This project was incredible. My mom and I made 450 miniature desserts and a cake. Everything was drenched in color and so bright and happy. The baking took days and a mind-boggling amount of work, but I’m so glad we did it and the adrenaline rush lasted for days. The wedding colors were purple and orange and it was great to make the treats so bright!
Without further ado:

I made 50 little lemon meringue pies

50 vanilla cupcakes dipped in sprinkles and topped with creamy vanilla frosting. The cakes themselves were orange and if you look carefully you can see a bit of color peeking out from under the sprinkles.

And, of course, topped with orange glitter.

50 of these very popular Oreo red velvet cupcakes dipped in chocolate ganache with cream cheese frosting.

And 50 chocolate mint cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Dipped in orange sprinkles for an extra crunch and pop of color.

75 beautiful vanilla-bean checkerboard cookies.

Little fruit tarts. These all had nutty crusts, vanilla-bean pastry cream, and fresh peaches. They were topped with an apricot-lime glaze to keep them fresh and juicy.

Don’t you love the heart shapes?

Homemade coffee ganache truffles.

The chocolate, surprisingly, tempered beautifully and these traveled very well and lasted a few days unrefrigerated, so I was able to make them a bit ahead of time.  I love the luster dust on top!

Quadruple chocolate cake pops.

These were so much fun to decorate and I went crazy with the sprinkles. The bride and groom supplied the vases and the marbles – I think they’re prefect.

At this point were were running short on time, so I had Stephanie photograph these in their transportation container, not on the pretty white plates.

They still look delicious!

Last but not least, the wedding cake. Inside are layers of purple cake, orange cake, and purple/orange marble cake.

Everything very carefully hand piped, which was a challenge given my lack of sleep and shaky hands. the purple dragees were carefully placed with tweezers.

The monogram topper is made out of white chocolate and edible glitter, propped up oh-so-carefully with bamboo skewers.

And here’s where I messed up. Long story short: everything traveled well, I remembered to bring my camera, but I FORGOT TO BRING THE CAMERA BATTERY. I was so excited to take a picture of the whole display, but it just didn’t happen. Fortunately, the photographer got a shot of the table, so you can get a sense of what it looked like.

My mom and I wore out matching bright pink “I Like to Bake” shirts and kept replenishing the treats as the guests enjoyed them.  You can’t see the little notecards very well, but we made little signs telling guests about each treat.

I have trouble communicating the enormity of this project. Everything was made in my little kitchen and it was a great experience to spend so much time working with my mom. My sister helped with the sprinkles, my dad made the white stands, and everything happened perfectly. I prepared for months and learned so much!

Carrie’s Dessert Table

A few months ago, my little sister turned 18! Of course, a party was in order, and parties mean desserts.
Mini cheesecakes: chocolate oreo, chocolate raspberry, and vanilla bean raspberry. 

 Cake pops! These were super chocolately and, of course, covered in sprinkles.

Some fabulous chocolate covered strawberries.

Note the cute little tags. These matched perfectly with the invitation and the party favors.

 Yummy chocolate truffles.

Super tart lemon meringue pies. Because they’re smaller they have to pack even more of a lunch. Some had a classic pie crust and other had pecan crusts.

 These are so much fun to make and even more fun to eat!

 My dad made this great stand for me.

Happy Birthday!

Ice Cream Cone or Cupcake?

Why not have both?

I had so much fun making these cupcakes! I made a batch for a family even and then I made some more for a wedding shower the following weekend. Plus, I took [most of] these pictures all by myself. Want to see how they were made?

Ice cream cone cupcakes are one of the few baked goods that I think are actually harder than they look. Why? Quite simply, ice cream cones are not made to stand upright on their own. This makes for big problems in balancing them to bake, frost, store, and transport. The first time I made them last year was a total disaster. But now, instead of placing them on a cookie tray or cupcake tray, I put each cone in the cup of a popover pan. This is great because the high sides and narrow bottom resemble the cone shape, keeping them upright and fairly stable. Much less hassle.

So: cones in pan. Batter in cones.

I use an ice cream scoop to keep my batters even, plus it’s much less mess.

Pop them in the oven and get the frosting started while the house starts to smell like chocolate cake.

I used my favorite vanilla frosting recipe. It’s a Creamy Vanilla frosting that uses a flour base and lots and lots of butter. It’s very rich, but oh so delicious.

After making it, I divided it into two bowls.

One batch was raspberry…

And the other was oreo.

Now might be a good time to tell you that I injected fudge into the bottom of each cone. After the cones have cooled completely, I started frosting using a pastry bag and a very wide circle tip.

I stuck them in the fridge for a few hours to make sure the frosting was very, very firm before I started dipping. I was worried about the frosting sliding off the top and getting ungle smooshes, but with the refrigeration everything was fine.

At this point, a few urgently needed testing, so I happily obliged and sliced them open before they were frosted.

I dipped each cone in melted chocolate mixed with a bit of vegetable oil to make it thinner and easier to work with. Immediately after dipping, each cupcake was attacked with sprinkles: red hearts for the raspberry, and rainbow hearts for the chocolate.

I love how shiny and delicious the chocolate is.

And then they’re ready to box an go! I packed them in a 1/4 sheet cake box with a mini cupcake insert to keep them stable. The size was perfect for the narrow cones and they held up great on the long drive.

All boxed up and ready for the drive!

Did I mention how much fun these are to eat?

A Truffle or Two

First, I should explain that I bake because I get this “I can do that” feeling whenever I eat something sweet. I get so much satisfaction from recreating treats I’ve tasted and that is how I ended up with dozens and dozens of truffles.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any in-progress shots, but I can show you the final product! Most of these pictures were taking by Stephanie, as usual. She rushed over to my house in the morning right before I delivered the treat.

 Oh yes, and I made the box out of chocolate, too (a graduation present for a good friend). It was easier than it looks and pretty sturdy, too!

Ready for each type of truffle?

Here’s the raspberry truffle.  I made a fresh raspberry filling – tart and just the right amount of sweet.

This one has a coffee buttercream center.

And a vanilla bean filling

This one was my favorite – cinnamon caramel filling with chopped pecans.

Mint chocolate ganache in the center

And creamy ganache dipped in chocolate, then rolled in toasted pecan crumbs.

Well, I guess I could have another…