Patriotic Sugar Cookies

Every heart beats true for the red white and blue! These cookies were actually sent to a congressman’s office back in November during the election campaign, but I figured that with all the craziness going on in DC, now was as good a time as any to post them.

I had fun with a basic red, white a blue starts & stripes theme.

That one up there reminds me of Captain America a tad too much.

I added a touch of white luster dust to smooth out the details. Working with bold colors is very unforgiving and the dust helps soften them.

I like the diagonal ones the best. The stars were tricky to pipe freehand but I finally got the hang of it.

Father’s Day Cookies for a Golfer

Father’s day is coming up – what does your dad like to do on his special day? One of my uncles likes to golf, so his wife and daughters asked me to make up some special golfing cookies for him.

I love the bright, limited color palette for these golf cookies. The intensity of the colors, however, made them bleed a bit. I hope the colors last until Sunday!

This little golf bag cookie has some personalization at the bottom and is stuffed with golf clubs of all shapes and sizes. The plaid pattern was a fun way to incorporate more colors into the cookie.

A little golf ball on a red tee with grass growing up all around it. 

I bet you never realized decorated sugar cookies could be so manly.

Fluffy white clouds in a blue sky – a perfect day for golfing!

A red flag marks the 18th hole. 

Makes a great cookie golf scene, doesn’t it. 

See the special Father’s Day cookie? It made 13 cookies total, a baker’s dozen.

Happy Father’s Day and don’t forget to do something nice with your dad this weekend to show him how much you love him! I’m working on a special dessert for mine, I’ll post pictures when it’s finished this Sunday!