Halloween Cookies

I wanted to make Halloween sugar cookies. I did not want to buy more cookies cutters. Actually, I did want to buy more cookies cutters (because I always want more cookies cutters!) but I decided to be smart and use what I had.
Below are some Frankenstein’s monster cookies, just made with simple rectangles. I love the hair and the cute little wiggly smile.
Halloween Cookies, frankenstein's monster. Cute halloween sugar cookies with ghosts and candy corn.

And some Candy Corn triangles. I used a big circle cookie cutter then just sliced it into 6 wedges. The candy corn cookies were the most fun to decorate!

Halloween Cookies, frankenstein's monster. Cute halloween sugar cookies with ghosts and candy corn. candy corn coookies

You can see how there’s quite a bit of size variety, but I didn’t really care about perfection for this batch, just cuteness.

Candy corn cookies for halloween, very cute and easy to make!

I love the cute wiggly smiles on the Frankensteins and the 3D effect of the eyes popping up.

Halloween in Maddieland is never scary.

And here are the ghosts. These turned your mouth black when eating them, but they’re so much fun that on one really cared.
Boo! Ghost sugar cookies for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween sugar cookie set assortment with candy corn, frankenstein, and ghosts


Lots and Lots of Green Cupcakes

So, I made cupcakes a few months ago.  Lots and lots of them. And they were delicious. I’ve baked for years, but, because I always gobble up everything I make,  I’ve never tackled the transportation problem. To change that, I made about 200 mini cupcakes to bring to work so I could see how well these treats handled the ride and the summer heat. 

In case you can’t tell, we had a color-wars type thing happening at camp that week. Can you guess which team my campers were on?

I’ll give you a hint. Here we have some green velvet cupcakes dipped in sprinkles with cream cheese frosting.

And some vanilla bean green (no, not vanilla green bean) cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

If you spent this post imagining what 150 cupcakes look like at my dining room table at midnight, today’s your lucky day.

They traveled beautifully and lasted all day in an air-conditioned room. I bought 1/2 sheet boxes and used a mini cupcake size insert so there were 48 babycakes in each box. Dumped them in my trunk, drove normally, and ta da! The only problem I had was preventing myself from taking that 5th cupcakes when there was only one left at the end of the day. After all, it really didn’t make sense to take just one home all by itself, did it?

Baby Cake

This was a 4 layer chocolate cake with pink frosting between each layer.

 The roses on the sides are made of chocolate and covered in luster dust to give them a bit of shine.

 I was excited by the filigree piping I did on the rainbow cake and wanted to include it on this cake as well.

Happy Birthday!