If you tell me there’s anything better than warm, homemade donuts, you’re lying. These little guys were a great way to start a lazy Sunday morning and not nearly as hard to make as they look. I used this recipe from the Los Angeles Times and they came out beautifully.

Pipe them out

Cut the (well-oiled) parchment paper into squares to make them easier to deal with

 And slid them into the hot oil.

Let them cook for a while, flip them over and they magically become donuts!

Ta da!

Now it’s time for the fun part: dipping! We made a vanilla-bean glaze, a lemon glaze, and a chocolate glaze. 

There were tons of sprinkles and dozens of sticky, messy fingers. 

I made everyone wait and drool while I insisted on taking pictures for you.

And let me tell you, 

They were incredible!

Almost more fun to make than they were to eat.

We made a bit of a mess, but about 15 minutes after this picture was taken almost every donut was gone.

Everyone went home very, very happy.


Happy Birthday Michelle!

This weekend, I have the flu. This weekend, it is also my dear friend and suite-mate’s birthday. What does this mean?

It means I call my doctor to confirm that flu can’t be transmitted via baked goods, text some other friends for help, and start baking! Obviously, the birthday girl simply had to have a cake.

We ended up with this. It was 4 layers of chocolate cake. Between each layer is a delicious glob of chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries. It’s all covered in rich chocolate frosting. And it’s completely dairy-free!

I had great plans for this cake. It was going to be beautifully piped with fancy letters and designs.

Maybe with a touch of glitter on top. Ultimately, the designs were made using a little spatula.

I got a teensy bit too excited by the glitter.

And when you’re baking in a dorm, sometimes you have to use paper plates, even for special occasions.

But you know what?

This cake was delicious. The birthday girl enjoyed it and it was gobbled up in no time. What you see here is a very well-loved cake. And that’s what matters.

We invited people over for a “surprise” party that evening, which, for a number of reasons, turned out to not be such a big surprise after all.

But we decorated the apartment nicely.

We asked the guests to come in pajamas.

We decorated cookies.

Many cookies.

We made a mess. 

I took a couple pictures, but mostly we just ate.

Nothing that day went according to plan, but I think it was perfect.

We love you Michelle. Happy birthday!