Coffee Cake, Maddie Style

I made coffee cake. This coffee cake, to be precise.

It was for a picnic and I wanted them to be bite sized, easy to clean up, and even easier to eat.

So of course, I made coffee cake in mini cupcake pans.

The cake was incredibly tender and moist.

But you know the topping is always everyone’s favorite part. Cinnamon, brown sugar, toasted walnuts, and mini chocolate chips.

Use your favorite coffee cake recipe and they’re perfect for brunch or your own picnic!


A Truffle or Two

First, I should explain that I bake because I get this “I can do that” feeling whenever I eat something sweet. I get so much satisfaction from recreating treats I’ve tasted and that is how I ended up with dozens and dozens of truffles.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any in-progress shots, but I can show you the final product! Most of these pictures were taking by Stephanie, as usual. She rushed over to my house in the morning right before I delivered the treat.

 Oh yes, and I made the box out of chocolate, too (a graduation present for a good friend). It was easier than it looks and pretty sturdy, too!

Ready for each type of truffle?

Here’s the raspberry truffle.  I made a fresh raspberry filling – tart and just the right amount of sweet.

This one has a coffee buttercream center.

And a vanilla bean filling

This one was my favorite – cinnamon caramel filling with chopped pecans.

Mint chocolate ganache in the center

And creamy ganache dipped in chocolate, then rolled in toasted pecan crumbs.

Well, I guess I could have another…