Peanut Butter Tarts

I made a cheesecake. Almond crust underneath lemon cheesecake, vanilla bean cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake all swirled together.  It was absolutely delicious, but it got sliced and eaten and smashed and digested before my camera got anywhere near it, so I don’t have any pretty pictures to share.
Instead, here are some peanut butter tarts. I’m not exactly sure what was in each one because I just started plopping different fillings to crusts rather haphazardly, but I do know that there was a ton of chocolate and peanut butter happening. 

Chocolate peanut butter ganache. 

Peanut butter cheesecake swirl. 

Crunchy and sweet peanut butter filling.

Dark chocolate ganache. 

And a yummy shortbread crust. The crusts, by the way, were baked in a toaster oven. Because I’m a college student and that’s just what we do.

Strawberry Chocolate Marshmallow Tarts

Picture this:
Shortbread crust filled with smooth, sweet chocolate pastry cream

 Slathered in rich chocolate ganache.

Topped with strawberry marshmallow peaks.

And finished off generously with a blowtorch. 

And to top it all off, they’re individually sized so you don’t have to share.

Why yes, thank you, I’ll take two.