Under The Sea Cookies 2.0

More under the sea cookies! The post on the first batch has some step-by-step pictures, but my lighting wasn’t good enough for that this time around.

These were made for a birthday party and send all the way to Louisiana. Purple/team sea horses and starfish!

My favorite part about these cookies was the texture from all the little dots on the starfish – it really makes them pop!

See the light purple on the seahorse belly and the little detail on the back fin? I tried to make these really special!

I tried to get some good detail without making them look to busy – the white to brighten up the eye was exactly what I was going for.

I wasn’t exactly sure what shades the customer needed, so I made sure to include a few and I think they turned out quite well.

Definitely an improvement on the first batch I made because of the increased detail and realism. Plus, I like how the colors fit together.