Vet Logo Cookies

These cookies were made for a new veterinary practice. They wanted a treat to bring to animals hospitals in the area to announce their presence, and I think the message came accross pretty clearly!

I was worried that the red, black, and white colors in the logo would bleed together, so I waited quite a bit of time between piping each layer.

So that the cookies wouldn’t get stale, I started by just piping all 125 cross logos in red onto wax paper. This was great because it let me fix my mistakes, but, most importantly, I had a printout of the logo under the clear wax paper, so I could trace the design. This helped me keep them consistent.

I waited a day before piping the black dogs onto the red crosses.

I baked the cookies, outlined them in red royal icing, and let the red dry a day. That same day, I painted the black dogs from the decals in silver luster dust to cover any imperfections and make them even more memorable.

The next day, I flooded the centers of the cookies in white icing and while it was still wet, I carefully peeled off the decal I mad made and plopped it onto the wet icing, pressing gently.

Once they dried, my mom used an edible marker (basically food coloring in a marker with a felt tip) to write the name of the hospital on each cookie.  Finally, I boxed them up with layers of wax paper and tissue paper. Each dozen cookies got their own little box.

These cookies took days and an incredible amount of work! My kitchen was covered in cookies for days because they’re HUGE and took up every available tray, tupperware, and surface.

But they’re pretty cute, aren’t they?


Grandpa’s Birthday Cookies, or "I Hate the Post Office"

My grandpa is one tough guy. Back in September, he turned 90 and the family threw him a big party. Because I was as school I couldn’t make it, but I sent along these cookies instead.

They were eat to make but incredibly impressive and so personal. I ordered edible icing paper with some very special pictures and they were so much fun to use. I made these in my dorm, so supplies. were tricky and they were a huge endeavor, especially because I made 100, but they came out beautifully.



Plop the pre-cut frosting transfer on top of the wet icing

Add a border and some pretty dragees. Admire and cross your fingers hoping they’ll dry in time. 

Wrap them up very, VERY carefully. 

Pay $60 for overnight shipping so they they’ll get there in time for the next day’s party. 

And cry when the post office loses them.

True story. 

But at least we got some great pictures. Besides, Grandpa doesn’t like sweets anyways.

Happy Chanukkah!

Happy Chanukkah!

These cookies were made for a big family party, so we made about 100 of them so there would be plenty to go around, especially because they’re pretty tiny. 

I love the sparkle from the edible glitter, even though it makes a big mess and sticks to you like glue. I’ll probably be finding it all over my face for the next week!

They were a big hit, but I made a few too many and have a ton of leftovers.

These pretty silver dragees (the little silver sugar balls) can’t be found in California, so I bring them with me from Boston.

They were a bit rushed so some aren’t as perfect as I would have liked, but I’m still really happy with how these came out and no one but me cares about the tiny details anyways. 

Most importantly, they were delicious!

Paw Print Cookies

While making the pig and mud cupcakes I showed you a few weeks ago I also made a few cookies for my vet. Dr. Shane takes great care of our dog and rabbits, so I wanted to show her that I appreciate how much love she gives our pets by making her some sweet treats. These pawprints were so easy and came out even cuter than I expected!

Did I mention that she was just about to have a baby but still found time to call and ask how the doggy has been feeling?

I dropped these off at the office in a pretty pink box.

The next day, I got a call from the vet asking for two dozen sesame street cookies for her other daughter’s second birthday!

She wanted them the day after the wedding I spent all summer working on.

So, because I’m crazy, of course I said yes. But that’s a story (and some pictures) for another day.

Western cookies: Cowboy and Cowgirl hat and boot cookies!

Cowboy Hats and Cowboy Boots

I made cookies. They look like cowboy boots and cowboy hats and have edible glitter and gold luster dust all over them. What more can you possibly want?

Oh yeah. And I made 100 of them.

The cowboy hats were so much fun because I got to make each one a bit different and I love the sparkly gold detailing.

The cowboy boots, however, were quite a bit trickier and took FOREVER. Notice the gold spur and the clunky heel?

But they’re cute, so it was all worth it.

Muddy piggies and dirt pile cookies. Too cute!

Pig Cookies for Mud Day

I worked at a camp this summer. There was mud day. What is mud day? It’s exactly what it sounds like.

To celebrate the occasion I bought a pig cookie cutter, made a mud splash cutter by bending another shape out of place, and made about 100 appropriately themed cookies. I’m gonna let these cuties speak for themselves.

Little piggies.

And splashes of mud!

This is what 100 pig cookies look like. They were pretty cute.

All the pigs packed up and ready to go.

Don’t even ask me how many of these I ate…

Musical Notes and treble clef. Perfect for a singer, rockstar, or teen!

Musical Cookies

With only two colors, these were some of the easiest cookies to decorate. I enjoy using the sprinkles, plus they add such a nice crunch when you bite into them.

The only downside to these cookies was that they stained your mouth black or pink if you ate too many! I made these for a group of goofy, fun-loving people, though, so I hope no one minded.

You can’t see if from these pictures, but I made about 90 of these.

The treble clef was surprisingly easy to make and I loved dunking the music notes in sprinkles.

Tea Party Cookies

I’m not sure if you know, but I baked for a wedding of 150 people last week. 450 mini desserts and a little cake. It was INTENSE and I am so happy with how everything turned out. My friend came and took some lovely pictures of the individual items before we left and I had my camera battery charged so that I could take pictures of the full dessert table setup. I get everything ready and turn on my camera, only to realize that I forgot to bring the battery! I know, I know. I’m still kicking myself over it. In short: you’re going to have to wait for pictures until I can beg them from wedding guests or the professional photographer. In the meantime, enjoy these dainty tea party cookies I made for a book club a few weeks ago.

The rainbow swirl pattern was inspired by these gorgeous cookies.

I love the texture from the little dots.


Bats, Pumpkins, jack-o-lanters, and spider webs. Spooky!

Halloween Cookies

It might be a bit early for most people to celebrate Halloween, but the camp I work at had a theme day, so of course I brought cookies to help everyone get into the mood. I ended up making about 90 cookies and they were gone about 20 minutes after I left the box in the staff lounge.

I love how these cookies worked so well together as a set. Seeing them all together on the plate just made me so happy!

How could I resist making goofy faces on all the jack-o-lanterns?


The spiderwebs were made by piping the spider blobs on top of (mostly) dry marbled royal icing.

I had so much fun with the evil bat faces.

I never thought a spider would look so cute!

Patriotic 4th of July red white and blue sugar cookies

4th of July Cookies

Alright, I admit. I went a little crazy with these. I got home from work at 4:30, started these right away, and worked through dinner until 10:30 at night. What? You mean that doesn’t happen to everyone? But they were so much fun! Just about ever cookie is unique. I decorated with dragees, piping, and marbling techniques. Take a look at how I did the cookies with the marbling:

Immediately after outlining, then flooding the cookie, I piped circles of color onto the cookie. I tapped it against the table a few times to make it settle, then immediately dragged a toothpick in the direction I wanted. Ta da! This method is very forgiving and quite a bit of fun to do because of the endless possibilities.

Anyways, lots of stars and stripes.

Tons of swirls

And, of course, lots of red white and blue!