Beachy Bat Mitzvah Party Favors–More Under the Sea Cookies!

My favorite thing about these cookies is the packaging. Also the theme. Plus, the glitter is pretty cool, too. And don’t you love the itty-bitty baby crabs and the textured sand on the beach? I seem to be getting ahead of myself, here…

First, we have an army of little red crabs. These cookies were seriously tiny–an inch to an inch and a half long. I made about a hundred of them and included one in each packet of cookies.

crab army

There were brushed with luster dust. My favorite part of these little cookies is those big bug eyes popping out. They have so much character! and Maddiebakes

Jellyfish and Angel Fish cookies in progress. The key to getting the variety of textures is to wait for each section of icing to dry before filling in the areas next to it. This makes each section puffy rather than letting the wet sections blend or melt into each other.



Here we are with the finished cookies. The cookies were for a 13 year old, so of course each one got its own special touch of glitter, sugar, or luster dust.


You can really see the texture on the sand. I used a few different shades of coarse decorating sugar to give the sandy, dimensional look.


The waves were created using a technique called “brush embroidery,” which is far easier than you might guess. If you’re a cookie beginner, give it a shot!


Angel fish got a heavy helping of rainbow disco dust/edible glitter.


Remember when I said the crabs were my favorite? That’s not entirely true…I’m obsessed with the jelly fish. Especially with the textured tentacles and the shimmery glitter, they were really something special.


All packaged up and ready to go!


I had so much fun with the packaging! Layers of textured paper and paper punches made these truly special.



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