Mini chocolate cupcakes with mint hershey kisses baked into each one

Mini Mint Cupcakes

At the supermarket around the holidays, this bag of Mint Truffle Hershey’s Kisses just jumped into my cart. When I got home, I decided to make cupcakes with them to keep myself from eating them all.

I made a regular chocolate cake recipe and filled mini cupcake lines with the batter.

The kisses were plopped on top and pressed ever so slightly.

And I just baked them normally. The cupcake puffed up around them beautifully.

Using a regular (and delicious) chocolate buttercream, I piped spikes on top and asked my sister to toss a few green jimmies and some white nonpareils on to make them even cuter.

Don’t you love the carriers?

Each box was only about a dollar (and they’re reusable!) and it did an excellent job protecting the cupcakes while I was on route to the delivery site. In fact, these pictures were taken after a bumpy car ride and even the peaks still look beautiful.


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