Jewelry Cookies

These cookies were so much fun! They were made for a jewelry company to send out to prospective clients, so they match the jewelry design. Thanks to Stephanie Fishbein for the beautiful pictures.

I made 25 of each of 6 designs. 

These quilted cookies are some of my favorites because they’re simple to make (tutorial coming!) and look amazing. 

I used a new technique, brush embroidery, for these flower cookies. You use a small damp brush to pull the lines of frosting inward while the icing is still wet. 

The swirls in the middle of these were improvised, but I think they look so cute!

It’d hard to tell in the pictures, but the gold on all the cookies was brushed with luster dust to make them shimmer and give them a special touch. 

I learned that the purple cookies above are the “Om” symbol.

 The snakes were some of my favorites to pipe out because of all the zig zags

Each box of six cookies was beautifully wrapped with a big bow on top. Enjoy!


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