Surfing Cookies

It took long enough, but let’s celebrate the sun FINALLY coming out after a long winter.

These were actually Christmas/Holiday cookies for some of my dad’s surfing pals, but I didn’t think my East Coast readers would appreciate the bragging about SoCal weather had I posted them back in December.

Hawaiian shirt cookies and edible surfboards.

The floral print on the Hawaiian shirt cookies was done using a marbling technique. I put icing drops of one color onto the still wet base and used a toothpick to draw each dot in to make a petal. I always want to make a tutorial, but you have to work fast with this technique and I never have enough hands to keep the camera frosting-free!

The little pocket on the breast of the shirt is my favorite.

I had fun with the surfboard designs. I just piped wavy lines and filled them in what whatever color pastry bag I was holding.  I was running out of royal icing at the end so I eeked out whatever was left and I just made it!

Don’t they make you want to head to the beach and lay out in the sunshine?

Here’s to springtime and summer!


Under The Sea Cookies 2.0

More under the sea cookies! The post on the first batch has some step-by-step pictures, but my lighting wasn’t good enough for that this time around.

These were made for a birthday party and send all the way to Louisiana. Purple/team sea horses and starfish!

My favorite part about these cookies was the texture from all the little dots on the starfish – it really makes them pop!

See the light purple on the seahorse belly and the little detail on the back fin? I tried to make these really special!

I tried to get some good detail without making them look to busy – the white to brighten up the eye was exactly what I was going for.

I wasn’t exactly sure what shades the customer needed, so I made sure to include a few and I think they turned out quite well.

Definitely an improvement on the first batch I made because of the increased detail and realism. Plus, I like how the colors fit together.

Butterfly sugar cookie, summer theme picnic set

Picnic Sugar Cookies

I made these super cute picnic themed cookies for a staff appreciation lunch my mom organized at my sister’s school.

Unfortunately, I wrapped them up before getting good pictures, so you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that they were super cute.


Happy sun cookies with sunglasses brightened up the basket.

Because I used a marbling technique, every butterfly was different.

I love the watermelon cookies! The seeds just made me “awww!”

The dragonflies were decorated with silver, green, and blue dragees to make them magical.

The ladybugs were stuffed into every corner of the basket and each one had a different number of spots.

I tried to get a closeup of the royal icing marbling technique here. Basically, you pipe out lines of different colored icing next to each other and run a toothpick through them before they set. It’s a very fun and forgiving technique.

I insisted on making the watermelon slices have bites taken out of them, and I’m glad I did!

The baskets were arranged with tissue paper and a few other picnic items (sunglasses and sunscreen) were tossed in.

Here they are on the tables with sunflowers!

They were a big hit and I love how perfectly they fit the theme.

Halloween Cookies

I wanted to make Halloween sugar cookies. I did not want to buy more cookies cutters. Actually, I did want to buy more cookies cutters (because I always want more cookies cutters!) but I decided to be smart and use what I had.
Below are some Frankenstein’s monster cookies, just made with simple rectangles. I love the hair and the cute little wiggly smile.
Halloween Cookies, frankenstein's monster. Cute halloween sugar cookies with ghosts and candy corn.

And some Candy Corn triangles. I used a big circle cookie cutter then just sliced it into 6 wedges. The candy corn cookies were the most fun to decorate!

Halloween Cookies, frankenstein's monster. Cute halloween sugar cookies with ghosts and candy corn. candy corn coookies

You can see how there’s quite a bit of size variety, but I didn’t really care about perfection for this batch, just cuteness.

Candy corn cookies for halloween, very cute and easy to make!

I love the cute wiggly smiles on the Frankensteins and the 3D effect of the eyes popping up.

Halloween in Maddieland is never scary.

And here are the ghosts. These turned your mouth black when eating them, but they’re so much fun that on one really cared.
Boo! Ghost sugar cookies for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween sugar cookie set assortment with candy corn, frankenstein, and ghosts


Engagement Cookies!

My friend (and suitemate!) got engaged over the summer! Naturally, I made cookies.

These decorated sugar cookies had to be mailed from Los Angeles to Boston, but they were definitely worth it.

The bride-to-be has the most gorgeous red hair, so of course the cookies with the stick figure proposal had to include that personalization.

These cookies were all pretty big – about 3 inches across, and I cut them nice and thick, too.

I love the disco dust (rainbowy-clear glitter) on the details. It made everything seem that much more special.

And, of course, the ring. The little diamonds (actually dragees coated in luster dust and disco dust) along the sides were part of the actual engagement ring, so I tried to stay true to that as much as I could.

Lots of pretty hearts and details.

By the way, I started using meringue powder for my royal icing instead of egg whites, and it’s wonderful! The icing dries super strong and I have much less of a problem with bleeding when I use deep colors.

Anyways, much love and congratulations to you both!

Jewelry Cookies

These cookies were so much fun! They were made for a jewelry company to send out to prospective clients, so they match the jewelry design. Thanks to Stephanie Fishbein for the beautiful pictures.

I made 25 of each of 6 designs. 

These quilted cookies are some of my favorites because they’re simple to make (tutorial coming!) and look amazing. 

I used a new technique, brush embroidery, for these flower cookies. You use a small damp brush to pull the lines of frosting inward while the icing is still wet. 

The swirls in the middle of these were improvised, but I think they look so cute!

It’d hard to tell in the pictures, but the gold on all the cookies was brushed with luster dust to make them shimmer and give them a special touch. 

I learned that the purple cookies above are the “Om” symbol.

 The snakes were some of my favorites to pipe out because of all the zig zags

Each box of six cookies was beautifully wrapped with a big bow on top. Enjoy!

Father’s Day Cookies for a Golfer

Father’s day is coming up – what does your dad like to do on his special day? One of my uncles likes to golf, so his wife and daughters asked me to make up some special golfing cookies for him.

I love the bright, limited color palette for these golf cookies. The intensity of the colors, however, made them bleed a bit. I hope the colors last until Sunday!

This little golf bag cookie has some personalization at the bottom and is stuffed with golf clubs of all shapes and sizes. The plaid pattern was a fun way to incorporate more colors into the cookie.

A little golf ball on a red tee with grass growing up all around it. 

I bet you never realized decorated sugar cookies could be so manly.

Fluffy white clouds in a blue sky – a perfect day for golfing!

A red flag marks the 18th hole. 

Makes a great cookie golf scene, doesn’t it. 

See the special Father’s Day cookie? It made 13 cookies total, a baker’s dozen.

Happy Father’s Day and don’t forget to do something nice with your dad this weekend to show him how much you love him! I’m working on a special dessert for mine, I’ll post pictures when it’s finished this Sunday!

Happy Chanukkah!

Happy Chanukkah!

These cookies were made for a big family party, so we made about 100 of them so there would be plenty to go around, especially because they’re pretty tiny. 

I love the sparkle from the edible glitter, even though it makes a big mess and sticks to you like glue. I’ll probably be finding it all over my face for the next week!

They were a big hit, but I made a few too many and have a ton of leftovers.

These pretty silver dragees (the little silver sugar balls) can’t be found in California, so I bring them with me from Boston.

They were a bit rushed so some aren’t as perfect as I would have liked, but I’m still really happy with how these came out and no one but me cares about the tiny details anyways. 

Most importantly, they were delicious!