Ganache Magic!

Chocolate ganache is magical. It really is the most magical food you can make and every time I whip a batch up, I’m enchanted. A very forgixving recipe, even if you mess up the proportions it’ll probably still come out okay. Part of what’s so magical is how easy it is to whip up and how versatile this concoction is. It’s my single most-made recipe. Observe:

Chocolate (8 oz, chopped, ish) in a bowl with a lump of butter (say maybe a tablespoon). Heat heavy cream in a saucepan (3/4 cup give or take, basically enough to cover the chocolate in the bowl completely), pour hot cream over chocolate. LEAVE IT ALONE FOR 5 MINUTES. Seriously, don’t rush this part or the magic won’t happen.

One your timer goes off, whisk.

And keep whisking gently.

Have faith – it’ll come together. Just keep whisking.

There we go! It’s starting to get beautiful and shiny.

And all of the sudden we have a beautiful bowl of shiny rich versatile chocolate. If your cream wasn’t hot enough or you didn’t wait long enough before whisking (tsk tsk), just toss the bowl in the microwave for a few seconds and then try whisking again. It’ll come together.

Chill it and turn it into truffle filling. Pour it over a cake or pastry or cheesecake. Swirl it into ice cream. Use it to fill a tart or  a macaron. Dip cupcakes in the glaze before frosting them.  Pour it over anything you want to make look fancy. Spread it on some toast. Whip it up and use it for frosting. Eating it with a spoon.

You know you want to and I promise, I won’t judge. It’s ganache, just go with it.

By the way, this is a great vase for a bunch of other yummy treats. Add fruit sauces, peanut butter, flavored extracts, or anything else yummy to make fabulous fancy flavored ganache. Use it in anything. Scratch that – use it in everything.


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