Fluffly Lemon Cloud Cake

 This fluffy lemon cloud cake is the first thing I always want to eat at the end of Passover (and it was my birthday cake from a few years ago).

This lovely, 2-tiered cake was so much fun to make and not nearly as tricky to decorate as it looks.

I love how the frosting swooshes formed a flower on top.

These indents in the side (let’s call them frosting pillows) were a bit time consuming, but they went pretty quickly once I got the rhythm down.


I made up some cupcakes with the extra cake batter and decorated them to match.

Inside the cake: alternating layers of vanilla bean and tangy lemon cake with layers of tart lemon curd and creamy vanilla icing. And, because it was my birthday, I cut it open to take pictures before piecing it back together for serving.  Because, really, why not?



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