Flourless Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

So, as is not uncommon, this year my birthday fell on Passover. The first night, to be exact. So, of course, I made cake. Flourless chocolate cake “crust,” raspberry cheesecake layer, and classic vanilla bean cheesecake layer. I made this cake the last time my birthday fell on Passover, too, decorating with chocolate curls. This year, I went all-out with chocolate ganache and shiny glazed raspberries.

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My Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake!

It was my birthday last month, so of course I made myself a cake. And yes, I do make my own birthday cakes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

 My suitemates did make me a brownie cake though, and that was pretty awesome. 

 Anyways, this towering little cake is red velvet. 

4 layers: two with mini chocolate chips and 2 without. 

That’s a HUGE glop of chocolate ganache on top. Then I dumped some chocolate chips on it. 

Why? Because I can. 

The pink frosting, by the way, is cream cheese. So easy to make and oh so delicious. I didn’t take any pictures of the insides because we were too busy eating it. It was my birthday, cut me some slack!