Bachelorette Sugar Cookie Party Favors

Now THESE were fabulous cookies! Fabulous cookies for a fabulous bachelorette party, of course.

I love the texture on these neon pink purses. The quilting really gives them that extra bit of something special!

Each silver dragee was hand-placed and the entire pink “fabric” of the quilt was brushed with luster dust for even more glamour.

You can really see them shine!

Pink cocktail cookies, complete with a little pink olive and a dazzling lacy border.

Initials of the bride and groom to-be on little heart cookies. I dunked each mini heart cookie in white nonpareils for a bit of crunch. A big heart tux cookie for the groom, complete with a shining pink butonniere.

And a beautiful bride, with brush embroidery flowers on her gown, to match the handsome groom.

The full spread. Which one is your favorite?

I loved these little pink heels! From the color, to the scalloping, to the shape, each one was slightly different. That sparkle you see? I covered them in rainbow disco dust for glitz and glam.

Packaged and ready for giving, complete with pink and grey ribbon and custom made tags.

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