Carrot Cupcakes

These super tender carrot cakes are choc full of nuts and freshly shredded carrot. 

They’re flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and get a molasses-like flavor from brown sugar.

They’re covered in swirls of simple cream cheese frosting.

 Dusted with cinnamon sugar.

 And topped with a white chocolate carrot.

These were my first carrot cakes – simply delicious!

My Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake!

It was my birthday last month, so of course I made myself a cake. And yes, I do make my own birthday cakes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

 My suitemates did make me a brownie cake though, and that was pretty awesome. 

 Anyways, this towering little cake is red velvet. 

4 layers: two with mini chocolate chips and 2 without. 

That’s a HUGE glop of chocolate ganache on top. Then I dumped some chocolate chips on it. 

Why? Because I can. 

The pink frosting, by the way, is cream cheese. So easy to make and oh so delicious. I didn’t take any pictures of the insides because we were too busy eating it. It was my birthday, cut me some slack!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Candy Cake

I swear, I really was planning on taking pictures of the inside of this cake. During the party I cut a nice slice and put it aside, promising myself that I’d take more pictures in the morning. Then my suitemates and I ate it. I’d apologize to you, but it was so tasty that I really don’t feel all that badly about it.

The cake had 3 layers: chocolate, peanut butter, and chocolate peanut butter swirl.

Layered with chocolate peanut butter ganache (just add some peanut butter and extra cream to your favorite ganache recipe) and chocolate peanut butter cream cheese frosting.

As you can see, it’s decorated in kit-kat bars, Hershey’s kisses, and colorful m&m’s.

And tied off with a ribbon, because you know I can’t resist.

This lovely cake was made for a candy-loving friend’s birthday.

The decoration was incredibly fast and easy – took only about 20 minutes total!

This cake was incredibly rich – perfect with a glass of milk around a table with friends.

Lemon Roes Icing, beautiful decorations. DIY

I’m bored. Let’s make lemon cake!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Maddie who didn’t want to study on a Sunday afternoon. And that’s how this pretty pink lemon cake happened. I’m proud to say that this cake is included in an article about me in my school’s newspaper.

Top layer: lemon blueberry. Middle layer: lemon lemon. Bottom layer: lemon strawberry.

Each layer is filled with this incredible vanilla frosting and super tart lemon curd.

It’s all decorated in pretty swirls of this cream cheese frosting.  That recipe isn’t actually for a frosting – it’s really a no-bake cheesecake – but it’s delicious, so I’m not complaining.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit here and pretend that I didn’t eat this cake for breakfast every day for a week.


Lots and Lots of Green Cupcakes

So, I made cupcakes a few months ago.  Lots and lots of them. And they were delicious. I’ve baked for years, but, because I always gobble up everything I make,  I’ve never tackled the transportation problem. To change that, I made about 200 mini cupcakes to bring to work so I could see how well these treats handled the ride and the summer heat. 

In case you can’t tell, we had a color-wars type thing happening at camp that week. Can you guess which team my campers were on?

I’ll give you a hint. Here we have some green velvet cupcakes dipped in sprinkles with cream cheese frosting.

And some vanilla bean green (no, not vanilla green bean) cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

If you spent this post imagining what 150 cupcakes look like at my dining room table at midnight, today’s your lucky day.

They traveled beautifully and lasted all day in an air-conditioned room. I bought 1/2 sheet boxes and used a mini cupcake size insert so there were 48 babycakes in each box. Dumped them in my trunk, drove normally, and ta da! The only problem I had was preventing myself from taking that 5th cupcakes when there was only one left at the end of the day. After all, it really didn’t make sense to take just one home all by itself, did it?