Engagement Cookies!

My friend (and suitemate!) got engaged over the summer! Naturally, I made cookies.

These decorated sugar cookies had to be mailed from Los Angeles to Boston, but they were definitely worth it.

The bride-to-be has the most gorgeous red hair, so of course the cookies with the stick figure proposal had to include that personalization.

These cookies were all pretty big – about 3 inches across, and I cut them nice and thick, too.

I love the disco dust (rainbowy-clear glitter) on the details. It made everything seem that much more special.

And, of course, the ring. The little diamonds (actually dragees coated in luster dust and disco dust) along the sides were part of the actual engagement ring, so I tried to stay true to that as much as I could.

Lots of pretty hearts and details.

By the way, I started using meringue powder for my royal icing instead of egg whites, and it’s wonderful! The icing dries super strong and I have much less of a problem with bleeding when I use deep colors.

Anyways, much love and congratulations to you both!

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