Gingerbread Friends

Gingerbread friends! Little gingerbread men and women and girls and boys. And some Christmas trees at the end of the post.

This little gingerbread lady is all bundled up for the winter.

By the way, no, those aren’t headphones on the gingerbread man, they’re earmuffs.

See the happy ice skating couple?

And, of course, the classic simple gingerbread people.

Messier piping than I’d like, but they’re still cute and I was so proud of it.  I made them a year ago!

Here you can see the criss-cross piping details on this skirt.

And some Chanukkah friendly gingerbread people. Winter blue and white colors.

And with the scraps I figured I’d have fun making some odds and ends. Christmas trees and stars.

I finally got a chance to use my colorful dragees. Sweet and simple.


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