Butterfly sugar cookie, summer theme picnic set

Picnic Sugar Cookies

I made these super cute picnic themed cookies for a staff appreciation lunch my mom organized at my sister’s school.

Unfortunately, I wrapped them up before getting good pictures, so you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that they were super cute.


Happy sun cookies with sunglasses brightened up the basket.

Because I used a marbling technique, every butterfly was different.

I love the watermelon cookies! The seeds just made me “awww!”

The dragonflies were decorated with silver, green, and blue dragees to make them magical.

The ladybugs were stuffed into every corner of the basket and each one had a different number of spots.

I tried to get a closeup of the royal icing marbling technique here. Basically, you pipe out lines of different colored icing next to each other and run a toothpick through them before they set. It’s a very fun and forgiving technique.

I insisted on making the watermelon slices have bites taken out of them, and I’m glad I did!

The baskets were arranged with tissue paper and a few other picnic items (sunglasses and sunscreen) were tossed in.

Here they are on the tables with sunflowers!

They were a big hit and I love how perfectly they fit the theme.


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